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After two decades of running unopposed, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard placed second. “What I’ve asked people to do is to look at the record,” he said.

The Trump administration has been using major hotel chains to detain children and families taken into custody at the border,

California chief justice tani G. Cantil-Sakauye has been reluctant to let the rules stay in place much longer, saying it’s the job of the judicial branch to interpret the laws, not make them.

Alabama Montgomery: A judge on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit challenging.

County District Attorney Summer Stephan recently issued the area’s first criminal charge against a business. child development associations and The San Diego Foundation, which will provide.

Mind, Body, Soul: Your Personal Trainer – Why does this make a difference. But think about what a 10-pound sack of potatoes looks like! It would be a much bigger (and lumpier) bag! People who have higher percentages of body fat.

Chris Hillman couldn’t have chosen a better song title for this excerpted chapter from his upcoming memoir, Time Between -.

As a member of the Bulk Cash Smuggling Task Force, Duren would be often be the one called to take official custody of large.

Savvy campaign hands excel at planning for turbulence – but “candidate’s husband brandishes a gun at protesters” is tough for anyone to anticipate. los angeles district Attorney Jackie Lacey would be.

are the most experienced attorneys I've found in the area of trust and estate litigation. While many firms are capable of writing wills and trusts, litigating them is a.

Wireless technology that enables cars to communicate directly with each other, traffic signals and other roadside monitoring gear hasn’t gained much traction. program in San Diego could.

San Diego Flat Fee Estate Planning- We Don't Believe in Billing by the Hour for Estate Planning. Legal fees are often a source of anxiety for families. This anxiety .

There’s much more that we could have done. Similar complaints have been made about San Diego’s four dozen community planning groups, neighborhood organizations that advise the council.

More than any other vice presidential contender in a generation, Kamala Harris’ biography is singularly Californian. Born and bussed to school in Berkeley, tested by San Francisco’s cut-throat.